Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 023

Lets Talk: The best we ever had of “The Galaxy Far, Far, Away” – By Stephen Stachofsky. After the release of The Return of the Jedi, Star Wars fans never had it better. In the 16 years before The Phantom Menace hit theaters the Star Wars Expanded Universe exploded, and in the decade after asContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 023”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 022

Thoughts On Batman After Watching The Snyder Cut – By Ben Clemmer. What I’m about to say is not a new idea, but it is one that has been thrown around every time a new Batman movie comes out. It feels like the creators of Batman films, or films featuring the character, have read theContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 022”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 021

A Game I’ll Always Remember – By Ben Clemmer. From the title, I couldn’t blame you if you came into this with some expectation I’d talk about the matchup between Gonzaga and UCLA from this past Saturday. I have grown up as a fan of college basketball and even had some good luck in bracketContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 021”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 020

Paying Attention – By Ben Clemmer. A few blog posts back, I wrote about starting to teach a COMM 121 class at my alma mater. One thing I have regularly attempted to expose my students to is TED. I’ve pulled in talks dealing with everything from procrastination to being a better listener. I’ve shown talksContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 020”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 019

Let’s Talk: You Have To Learn The Rules To Break Them – By Ben Clemmer. I am often blown away by the design that goes into tabletop games. I say design with the intention of applying a couple of different definitions. The first is the beauty of the components of the game. The detail thatContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 019”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 018

Let’s Talk: Just Turn The Difficulty Down – By Stephen Stachofsky. I’ve covered everything now from movies, to D&D, to music. I am now about to rant a little on video games. I have been gaming for a long time. I remember playing the first Call of Duty, and thinking that the old Medal ofContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 018”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 017

Let’s Talk: DC Comics On Film – Elseworlds Part 3 – By Ben Clemmer. To start this one out, I should mention that I have one more short movie treatment in me before I need to pause this exercise for longer than the break I’ve already taken. As I look ahead, there’s a few filmsContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 017”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 016

Lets Talk: The Music Of The Last Samurai – By Stephen Stachofsky. SPOILER ALERT for the film, but you’ve had 18 years… The Last Samurai was directed by Edward Zwick, scored by Hans Zimmer, and released in 2003. Set in the mid 1870’s as Japan was closing the Edo period and moving into the MeijiContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 016”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 015

Let’s Talk: Movies For The Whole Family – The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – By Stephen Stachofsky.  As a fairly new father with one son and another on the way, I have found myself in the situation of having to censor what I do and do not watch. I am a huge cinephile. A lot ofContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 015”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 014

I Don’t Have A Fantasy Team – By Ben Clemmer. After this past weekend, I found myself thinking about the NFL. The competitive drive is amazing. The amount of planning and strategy that goes into performing at a high level is inspiring. The speeches get you pumped for what comes next. All of these reasonsContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 014”