Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 005

I’m Terribly Sorry – By Ben Clemmer. The first season of Storytelling Breakdown focused heavily on comic book based topics. We were already heading that direction when Denny O’Neil passed away. A remembrance for him was easy to write. We know how much his legacy means to Batman fans as well as fans of theContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 005”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 004

Keep Banging On Your Drum: An Ode to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – By Larissa Whitaker. A universe of zany, well-loved characters lives within The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and everyone deserves to know about it. It is the best late night production I’ve seen, and includes some of theContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 004”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 003

What’s Up Danger? – By Stephen Stachofsky. Hey, let’s take a minute to preface this discussion.  My name is Stephen. I am a music major. I have studied classical music since I was four. I have played in orchestra’s, garage rock bands, sung in operas and in punk bands. I studied music education. I lovedContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 003”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 002

Thursday Night Dinners – By Ben Clemmer. I had a different idea for this second blog post when I started it. I wanted to highlight our first episode, which is Joker focused, and talk about the enduring performances of the character that stuck with audiences. The Joker joined Vito Corleone as the only character withContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 002”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 001

Frequently Asked Questions – By Ben Clemmer. Why Are We Here? As I contemplated what to write for the first blog post on, I figured answering some frequently asked questions might be a good way to begin. What is Storytelling Breakdown? Storytelling Breakdown is a pop culture podcast (and blog) created by Caleb MeyerContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 001”