Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 031

Let’s Talk: Making Vader Terrifying – By Stephen Stachofsky. Once upon a time Darth Vader was terrifying. In the first years of Star Wars, the Dark Lord Vader was a cinematic monster and he definitely is still one of the most recognized villains of the last century.  In the beginning there were audiences that wereContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 031”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 030

Let’s Talk: Dungeons & Dragons – Generations of DMs – By Ben Clemmer. We’ve had two episodes and one Spotlight that have focused extensively on Role Playing Games (RPGs), so as a way of looking at where we are now, I thought I would provide some of the background for the games we’ve discussed. DungeonsContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 030”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 029

It’s More Fun To Play The Bad Guy – By Ben Clemmer. I have already talked about how much Batman: The Animated Series was a part of my formative years. I actually met Kevin Conroy at Indiana Comic Con a few years back and thanked him for inspiring me to pursue a career that isContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 029”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 028

Someone On The SB Team Hasn’t Seen Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Our team is trying something new starting this week. It’s based on a conversation you’ve probably had before. Your friend is really excited about a movie. You haven’t seen it. They want to talk about it, but they don’t want to spoil it, soContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 028”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 027

The Fans’ Temptation To Click Delete – By Ben Clemmer. I recently watched a new video essay from Patrick H Willems, and it got me thinking about a topic I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while. While Willems focused on third films of trilogies and how it can be so hard to bringContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 027”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 026

Patronus Charm – By Ben Clemmer. I promise that by the end of this blog post the picture at the top will make sense. Also, SPOILER ALERT for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but that feels somewhat unnecessary.  This past spring semester, I taught a speech class. In one of our earlier blogs,Continue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 026”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 025

Lets Talk: An open consideration – By Stephen Stachofsky. With the birth of my second son looming close on the horizon*, I am thrown into a mental state that I find very difficult to describe. I am here listening to music in my office, in my house, in my town, in my state, at aContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 025”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 024

Under Pressure – By Ben Clemmer. There’s a quote from Robert McKee that has come up several times in these blogs, “true character is revealed in the decisions a human being makes under pressure.” I’m up against something of a recency bias here, but my character in a D&D campaign just had one of theseContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 024”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 023

Lets Talk: The best we ever had of “The Galaxy Far, Far, Away” – By Stephen Stachofsky. After the release of The Return of the Jedi, Star Wars fans never had it better. In the 16 years before The Phantom Menace hit theaters the Star Wars Expanded Universe exploded, and in the decade after asContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 023”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 022

Thoughts On Batman After Watching The Snyder Cut – By Ben Clemmer. What I’m about to say is not a new idea, but it is one that has been thrown around every time a new Batman movie comes out. It feels like the creators of Batman films, or films featuring the character, have read theContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 022”