Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 038

Magic You May Have Missed – By Ben Clemmer.  If that title sounds familiar, you might have played visual trivia games on DVD bonus features for early Harry Potter films. The movies have been on my mind ever since watching Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. That said, this blog post isn’t about HarryContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 038”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 037

Who You Gonna Call? Balancing Expectations, Nostalgia, And Lessons Learned  In Ghostbusters: Afterlife – By Ben Clemmer. SPOILER ALERT for Ghostbusters: Afterlife I should preface this by saying I had not been inside a movie theater since before the pandemic. And as the release date for Ghostbusters: Afterlife was pushed back, I knew I wantedContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 037”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 036

Backgrounds Are Important – By Ben Clemmer.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Storytelling Breakdown team. Our most recent episode on films for different Halloween eras is an informative listen regardless of when you listen. We’ve got another 362 days until Halloween. The episode features a Spotlight from Ella Abbott, who inContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 036”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 035

One Year Later – By Ben Clemmer. Well that flew by. I don’t know if I can properly convey how happy I am that Storytelling Breakdown has been out for a year. Caleb and I planned the podcast for a year and a half before the first episode dropped on September 16, 2020. It stillContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 035”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 034

Whose Stories Are The Filmmakers Interested In Telling? – By Ben Clemmer. While it wasn’t planned much beyond our team enjoying a summer vacation, the Storytelling Breakdown blog took a bit of a hiatus over the last several weeks. What’s going to end that hiatus comes as no surprise as The Suicide Squad (2021) wasContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 034”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 033

WonderVision And The Hard Questions Of Some Of The Last Year’s Superhero Content – By Ben Clemmer. SPOILER ALERT for Wonder Woman 1984, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan.   Feelings about Wonder Woman 1984 were mixed. The positives included Gal Gadot’s continued excellence as the title character.Continue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 033”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 032

What episode should I start with? – By Ben Clemmer. There is a question (see the title above) that I have gotten a few times now and Storytelling Breakdown is far enough along that there are several good answers. For those who have not yet listened to Storytelling Breakdown, and want to know where toContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 032”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 031

Let’s Talk: Making Vader Terrifying – By Stephen Stachofsky. Once upon a time Darth Vader was terrifying. In the first years of Star Wars, the Dark Lord Vader was a cinematic monster and he definitely is still one of the most recognized villains of the last century.  In the beginning there were audiences that wereContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 031”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 030

Let’s Talk: Dungeons & Dragons – Generations of DMs – By Ben Clemmer. We’ve had two episodes and one Spotlight that have focused extensively on Role Playing Games (RPGs), so as a way of looking at where we are now, I thought I would provide some of the background for the games we’ve discussed. DungeonsContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 030”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 029

It’s More Fun To Play The Bad Guy – By Ben Clemmer. I have already talked about how much Batman: The Animated Series was a part of my formative years. I actually met Kevin Conroy at Indiana Comic Con a few years back and thanked him for inspiring me to pursue a career that isContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 029”