Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 043

Three Episodes In A Month, The Campaign Diaries Begin, And Let’s Talk Magic Items – By Ben Clemmer.  All of our podcast content from the month of June was very combat focused. Our most recent episode with Casey Stombaugh focused on combat from many different pieces of media. Dungeons & Dragons is at its mostContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 043”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 042

Buttons: A Love Letter – By Larissa Whitaker.  Or, more accurately, a list of reasons why I love Buttons from the HBO Max original series, Our Flag Means Death. Here is a picture of me and my pet birds, Geoff (the green one) and Terry (the blue one): For those of you familiar with OurContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 042”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 041

The Next Era Of Batman & Revisiting Predictions – By Ben Clemmer. SPOILER ALERT for The Batman. The gap between blogs and relative silence since The Batman came out might be a bit of a tipoff that I have been struggling to collect my thoughts about this film. While Batman has appeared on the bigContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 041”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 040

Scooby Doo, Self-Acceptance, and the Treatment of Daphne Blake – By Larissa Whitaker.  A warning: If you listened to the James Gunn Love Bomb Spectacular podcast episode and you’re here for more, please buckle up. I’m about to walk back some of my praise for James Gunn. I’m sorry. Also, spoilers ahead for the earlyContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 040”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 039

While I’m Thinking About Benedict Cumberbatch – By Ben Clemmer. My wife and I just watched The Courier (2020), which is another example of Benedict Cumberbatch finding himself in a spy drama after The Imitation Game (2014) and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011). I’ve seen the first and the last of these and enjoyed themContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 039”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 038

Magic You May Have Missed – By Ben Clemmer.  If that title sounds familiar, you might have played visual trivia games on DVD bonus features for early Harry Potter films. The movies have been on my mind ever since watching Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. That said, this blog post isn’t about HarryContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 038”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 037

Who You Gonna Call? Balancing Expectations, Nostalgia, And Lessons Learned  In Ghostbusters: Afterlife – By Ben Clemmer. SPOILER ALERT for Ghostbusters: Afterlife I should preface this by saying I had not been inside a movie theater since before the pandemic. And as the release date for Ghostbusters: Afterlife was pushed back, I knew I wantedContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 037”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 036

Backgrounds Are Important – By Ben Clemmer.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Storytelling Breakdown team. Our most recent episode on films for different Halloween eras is an informative listen regardless of when you listen. We’ve got another 362 days until Halloween. The episode features a Spotlight from Ella Abbott, who inContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 036”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 035

One Year Later – By Ben Clemmer. Well that flew by. I don’t know if I can properly convey how happy I am that Storytelling Breakdown has been out for a year. Caleb and I planned the podcast for a year and a half before the first episode dropped on September 16, 2020. It stillContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 035”

Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 034

Whose Stories Are The Filmmakers Interested In Telling? – By Ben Clemmer. While it wasn’t planned much beyond our team enjoying a summer vacation, the Storytelling Breakdown blog took a bit of a hiatus over the last several weeks. What’s going to end that hiatus comes as no surprise as The Suicide Squad (2021) wasContinue reading “Storytelling Breakdown Blog Entry 034”