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How Do You Make That Sound? Storytelling Breakdown

Storytelling Breakdown has now been around for a year! One topic that has always resonated with the Storytelling Breakdown team is voice acting, going all the way back to our first episode in September of 2020 when we highlighted Mark Hamil’s Joker. How do voice actors create such memorable performances so radically different from their own? What can be done to help these virtuosos of voice understand their instruments better? Dr. Colette Feehan is the first doctor to come on Storytelling Breakdown and voice acting is something of a *cue sassy Obi-Wan voice… speciality. We talked with Colette about her research at IU, the amazing connections she made at comic cons, and the final chapters of earning her doctorate. For the first time since our first two episodes, Caleb and Ben each did Spotlights for this one. They start at the 54:21 mark. Caleb explores some of his favorite aspects of Downton Abbey after a quarantine watch and Ben highlights an epic battle royale from Critical Role.Subscribe to Storytelling Breakdown wherever you get your podcasts. You can find out more about this show at storytellingbreakdown.com. There you can also find our blog community and support us through Patreon. You can contact us via email at info@storytelling-breakdown.com or using the Storytelling Breakdown Facebook or Instagram.Storytelling Breakdown is hosted by co-founders Ben Clemmer and Caleb Meyer. Our theme music is by Kurt Roembke. Our logo is by Daniel Church. Stephen Stachofsky joins us as a producer, writer, and editor. Our social media coordinator is Ella Abbott. Our podcast is hosted by John Dawkins and Wayneshout Productions.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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