Storytelling Breakdown is a podcast deep dive into the way our favorite films, shows, books, games, and more reach us in all sorts of ways. Ben Clemmer and Caleb Meyer, hosts and co-founders of the show, began this pop culture audio adventure recorded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2019. Storytelling Breakdown debuted in September of 2020 with a six episode first season featuring deep dives into the world of Batman, Spider-Man, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, and the Hall of Heroes. Season two ran from February to December of 2021 with eleven episodes dedicated to everything from medical dramedies to running role-playing games. The third season of Storytelling Breakdown brought with it some changes to the team. Stephen Stachofsky and Larissa Whitaker joined as hosts, with each one already leading episodes on The Godfather and James Gunn. Now, with a new look and expanded team, Storytelling Breakdown is still a place where we can explore everything we love about the stories that make us who we are.

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The 30th Anniversary Of Batman: The Animated Series Storytelling Breakdown

C’mon, it’s episode #27. The first ever episode of Storytelling Breakdown was a dive into the world of Batman. We return to that well today to celebrate 30 years since Batman: The Animated Series first aired on this date in 1992. For this conversation we are joined by Todd Espeland, executive and artistic director at Fort Wayne Youtheatre. Batman: The Animated Series has a lasting legacy in part because of its unique art style, blending old and new to create a timeless feel set against backdrops drawn on black paper. The character designs are iconic, pulling inspiration from the comic book source material and creating new stories that would find their way into all sorts of media. The show’s largest footprint now may be the creation of the definitive Mr. Freeze origin story and the addition of Harley Quinn to the world of Batman. The voice acting performances are brilliant. The show won multiple Emmy awards for sound design, music, and writing. Original animation cels from the show hang in the Hall of Heroes, where Ben and Caleb visited in 2019 for our season one finale. Todd Espeland was the one who originally recommended the trip. Now, Todd and our team are going to look back at some of the most iconic episodes and dive deep into a show that more than holds up 30 years later. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the subject of this episode’s Spotlight. We’ll focus on two lovable characters, Willow and Spike. Our guest is Maria Ward. She is introduced around the 01:07:17 mark. Subscribe to Storytelling Breakdown wherever you get your podcasts. You can find out more about this show at storytellingbreakdown.com. There you can also find our blog community and support us through Patreon. You can contact us via email at info@storytelling-breakdown.com or using the Storytelling Breakdown Facebook or Instagram. Storytelling Breakdown is hosted by co-founders Ben Clemmer and Caleb Meyer. Since the beginning of 2022, Storytelling Breakdown has also been hosted by Stephen Stachofsky and Larissa Whitaker. Our theme music is by Kurt Roembke. Our logo is by Daniel Church. Our podcast is hosted by John Dawkins and Wayneshout Productions. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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